Our Guarantee

“Toll Gate Auto Parts strives to provide quality new and used merchandise to our customers. We inspect every part before the sale to help ensure that our parts meet or exceed our customer’s expectations, and we stand behind our products. Our warranty is just one more way we at Toll Gate Auto Parts are committed to quality.”

Ron Sidehamer, President



We guarantee our parts against failure for 90 days from the date of purchase subject to the following exclusions and conditions:

Inspect your purchase at the time of sale. Make sure it’s the right part in the right condition. If you have any questions, ask your salesperson.

If you are having problems with a part you purchase, you should call us first. We may be able to help. Getting the right information early can save you a lot of time and money.

At Toll Gate Auto Parts we sell parts. We’ll do everything we can to help you get the right part for your car and even offer helpful installation advice, but we aren’t a repair facility. Proper diagnosis and installation is up to you and your mechanic.

Handling auto parts and working on cars can be dangerous. If you are not sure about the possible hazards of the part you are buying, ask your salesperson. If you are not sure about the hazards of working on your car, ask your mechanic.

We will inspect our parts before approving any warranty claim. If a claim is approved, we will replace, repair or refund the part at OUR discretion. Warranted parts must be returned to us within 90 days of the date of purchase. All claims must include a copy of the original invoice.

We do not guarantee parts damaged by improper installation or use. We don’t cover parts used in non-factory applications, and we don’t cover parts that have been modified.

All warranties are void if our markings have been removed from the part.

MOTOR and TRANSMISSION customers: If you buy a motor or transmission from us you must replace the oil, filter, pan gasket and oil cooler (if equipped). Cooler lines must be flushed.  All motor/transmission warranty claims must include receipts showing that you changed the oil, gasket and cooler.  A motor is a block, heads, crank shaft, cam shaft, rockers, piston, and oil pump. Any other part that may be attached to the motor is not covered by the warranty.  The installer is responsible for proper lubrication and cooling. Parts which fail due to improper lubrication or overheating are not covered under the warranty. All engines are equipped with a heat tab. If the engine is over heated and the center melts out, the Warranty is void. All engines are warranted against head and block cracks, bad crankshaft and excessive oil consumption. Oil seals and gaskets are not warranted.

We are not responsible for any labor charges incurred or any damages or loss caused from installation, removal, or use of this merchandise, or any other consequential damage.

Toll Gate Auto Parts’ obligation under all warranties shall not exceed the dollar amount the buyer paid for the warranted part.

Implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular use are limited to 90 days from the date of purchase and shall not exceed the amount the buyer paid for the merchandise.

Parts which are special ordered from a third party supplier will carry the warranty and return policies of the supplier, and TOLL GATE AUTO PARTS cannot be held liable for such warranties or policies. Ask your salesperson about the terms of the sale of a special ordered part before you make your purchase.

All glass and sheet metal is sold on an “as is” basis. Any adjustment for damaged parts must be negotiated at the time of sale.


Cores must be returned complete and assembled within 10 days to qualify for credit.

Parts that are accepted for return are subject to a 20% handling charge. There are no returns after 30 days.

There are no refunds or returns on deposits.

Check purchases will be held for 10 banking days before refund.

There are no returns on electrical parts.


Additional terms, conditions or warranties may apply to your purchase. Any additional terms, conditions, warranties or any other change to the above warranty or policy will be noted in writing on your invoice. Read your invoice before you buy and check with your salesperson if you have any questions. Solving your auto part problem is our goal.

Thanks for choosing Toll Gate Auto Parts.



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